Our Mission and Aim

Adult Ballet Classes
We care about you and what brings you to ballet. Each student in our community is valued. 
We believe that everyone can dance. We will take time to help you to find your ideal class.
Soon we will become your ballet home where you will realise your potential and feel uplifted in every way!
It is our goal to create a fun and welcoming environment where dance students of every age and gender can learn, gain confidence and have fun while growing a love for the art of dance!
We believe that every student has their own unique potential and should be encouraged to reach their own, personal goals.
We use an educational approach, where the abilities of students of every age can be nurtured through a positive, supportive environment. 

Flexi-Stretch™ Myofascial Release & Body Alignment
The goal of our Flexi-Stretch classes is to improve the human experience through mindful breathing combined with myofascial and trigger point release techniques.
Combining the breathing from yoga/Pilates and stretching from the world of athletics, clients receive an experience that incorporates the benefits of a full body massage, a yoga/Pilates class, and tension reduction of stretching.
In order to provide the highest quality of services to our clients, a tailored customer experience centred on kindness, holistic wellness, and personal attention is what Flexi-Stretch was founded on.
Increasingly people are experiencing tightness and tension, leading to mental, physical, and emotional stress. We want a place for clients to come and reduce their stress levels along with improve their flexibility, movement, and energy flow.

Contact us by email: ballet.athas@gmail.com