Floor Barre Course for Adults
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 12 noon - 1.00pm
Venue: Mind The Step Cafe & Dance Studio, 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1 (off Millennium Walk / Italian Quarter)

Level: Beginners/Improvers

Body sculpting floor barre exercises are all performed on the floor and are based around typical ballet-type movements.

Stretch, strength, posture, and core work are combined with musicality, breath and dynamics for a complete mind-body experience. Floor barre exercises can add variety to almost any muscle conditioning or stretching-style class or workout.  Physiological benefits include improved flexibility, coordination and body awareness, activation of stabilisers and postural muscles, improved skeletal alignment and awareness, and a long, lean and strong physique.

Movements are performed lying flat, lying on the side, prone, and seated and are often sequenced together to form a short routine. Floor barre classes cover a range of strengthening and stretching exercises working through the various body planes.

Both gentle and dynamic, the floor barre exercises have many virtues. As a dancer, you have everything to gain: you will learn to correct certain position faults, to gradually become more flexible, improve your posture, be fit, acquire grace and sensitivity. 

By regularly taking floor-barre classes, you will quickly feel the results: your muscles will lengthen and taper, encouraged by alternating pointing and flexing of your feet, your buttocks and hips will become smaller, your waist narrower and your stomach flatter. The top of the body straightens, arms firm up and the neck lengthens.

Another benefit: one hour of floor barre is enough to burn 300 calories, enough to celebrate and say goodbye to some extra curves. This is not weight loss, but the centimetres will fly off! Because here we build muscle like ballet dancers, by stretching the tips of our toes, the hands and the head: all of the exercises are made within the natural axes of the body, nothing is forced. The muscles develop in length, not width: your silhouette will lengthen.

What could be more motivating than progressing in dance and having a silhouette like a little ballet dancer? Excellent for the back, because it relaxes the lumbar column -  floor barre lets you become more flexible, tones your body, and helps you become slimmer thanks to the cardio effort required. 


Essential for dancers of every style, flexible or stiff, if you are 20 or 50 years old: everyone will find their place even without having practised ballet in the past and will progress at their own rhythm.

The classes are for everyone, dance lovers or professionals, and are widely accessible. By going regularly one or two times per week, the results will be seen quickly.

€15 drop in / Multi-Class Concession Card available (€12.50 per class)

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The class is led by Sharon Vandermerwe. She is the founder and artistic director of Ballet Áthas Dublin.

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Telephone: 0871924881

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To book please contact Sharon at ballet.athas@gmail.com, call or text 0871924881.

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