Myofascial THERAPY & TRIGGER POINT Release

Do you suffer from

  • lower back pain?

  • sciatica down the leg?

  • stiffness in the shoulders?

  • sore neck / frequent headaches?

  • sore legs / sore feet?

Our Flexi-Stretch™ myofascial release class is a low-impact deep stretch and flexibility class developed by a dance physiotherapist that will address each of those problem areas, and also help you find your natural flexibility through aligning your body, releasing trigger points and engaging your breath.

So many people are experiencing tightness and tension in their bodies, leading to mental, physical, and emotional stress. We offer a place for people to come and reduce their stress levels, along with improving their flexibility, movement, and energy flow.


Venue: Mind The Step Cafe & Dance Studio, 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1
(off Millennium Walk / Italian Quarter, City Centre)

Alternatively, text us to book a drop-in or a private class:  087 192 4881
Some of our Flexi-Stretch™ benefits derived from somatics, pandiculation and myofascial release include:


Bad posture normally leads to aches and pains. Flexi-Stretch™ develops muscular balance in your joints, which improves your posture and reduces the risk of injury. Every Flexi-Stretch™ exercise you do will have a postural benefit; due to the combination of increasing both your strength and your flexibility.


Flexi-Stretch™ includes various three-dimensional movements that improve elasticity of your muscles and encourage your joints to be able to move through the greatest possible range.


Your core is the combination of muscles that support your spine and torso, these muscles form the foundation for all movements. A weak core causes instability and reliance on dominant muscles. This will eventually lead to inflexibility, reduced range of motion, and eventually injury. Flexi-Stretch™ promotes core activation and engages all of your postural muscles leading to more stable and powerful movements.


A stressful mind is often a reflection of how your body feels, so just by stretching and moving your muscles will relax and release tension, relieving pain and trigger points. Naturally this will also allow your mind to relax and unwind, and this will allow you to feel more comfortable.


Some of your muscles, especially those that dominate your daily movements, are stronger than others, and a big part of Flexi-Stretch™ is focusing on those muscles that don’t typically get a lot of attention. Flexi-Stretch™ teaches you to consciously move in certain ways to challenge muscles that you don’t optimise while lifting heavy weights in the gym, running, dancing, playing different sports, or in your daily life.


If you a keen sports person, Flexi-Stretch™ is highly recommended. Many top athletes and dancers do a version of Flexi-Stretch™, and we have personally witnessed it improve their speed and performance. Injury prevention and rehabilitation are undoubtedly two of the key benefits that sports people can experience from doing Flexi-Stretch™, but there are numerous ways that this system can actually enhance your sporting performance.


Flexi-Stretch™ enhances your muscle control and core stability, and these are both related to improved balance and co-ordination. Golfers have utilised Flexi-Stretch™ to develop their balance while transitioning their body weight throughout their golf swing.


In order to generate the maximum amount of force while under control you must have stability in your core. For example, consider a hurler who has to return a ball while moving and contorting their bodies, for them to be able to generate the optimal amount force on their return they must have unbelievable core strength. Flexi-Stretch™ will help you start the journey to improved core strength and control.


Flexi-Stretch™ helps you to pay attention to your body, and you need to focus on your breath while working through each movement while concentrating on proper form and activating the correct muscles. This significantly enhances your body control and awareness, which are both fundamental skills to maintaining sporting performance.

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Full 6-week courses available (one class per week for six weeks).

Venue: Mind The Step Cafe & Dance Studio, 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin City
Date & Time: Lunchtime Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Flexi-Stretch Dublin
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