What To Expect

If you are offered a place in the Company, you must also be attending ballet classes with a ballet teacher and you must inform that teacher that you are auditioning for Ballet Áthas Youth Ballet Company. You can then look forward to learning wonderful variations and repertoire weekly, and to performing regularly on stage in performances, ballet competitions and occasionally at various charitable events such as care homes and festivals.

  • BAYB company rehearsals take place every Sunday during normal term time, from 10:30am to 3:00pm.

  • We dance in the beautiful newly renovated studio in Dublin 8 which is a very large and secure space with wall-length mirrors and marley ballet floors.

  • Visiting professional dancers are welcome to attend any of our our Sunday company classes at 10:30am as drop-in participants. (€15 per casual class)

  • Rehearsals start promptly at 10:30am, so everyone needs to be there well ahead of time to warm up and prepare for class.

  • The day starts off with a ballet technique class that is based on both Russian and international professional training methodology. Girls are required (where possible) to wear pointe shoes during the class.

  • Repertoire rehearsal then commences, and new neo-classical ballets will be taught and rehearsed alongside the great classical ballets.

  • Stage skills as well as performance hair and make-up will be taught at mini-workshops ahead of scheduled performances. Parents are welcome to attend these workshops out of interest.

  • Any absences from these weekly Sunday rehearsals will have to be negotiated directly with the company director well ahead of time, and regular absentees will forfeit their place in the company.

  • A term fee is payable at the first rehearsal of every term. Failure to pay the fee will unfortunately lead to the imminent withdrawal of the company membership invitation to that dancer.

  • Ballet Áthas Youth Ballet Company is intended to be a highly professional environment in which to grow and improve the necessary skills to be a classical ballet dancer. As such, it is mandatory that we treat each other with kindness and respect, and create a safe, enjoyable and warm environment in which to dance, learn and perform together.


Contact our Artistic Director, Sharon Vandermerwe, for further information on 0871924881.