Private Lessons


Private lessons offer the dancer an intense and thorough one-on-one technique and variations class, accompanied by corrective advice and suggestions that can be applied to their own independent training at their usual studios.
Students will acquire new tools to supplement their own technique, increase their extensions, and improve the overall quality of their dance performance.

Sharon helps each student to build beautiful lines and improve their upper body posture. She also teaches various ways to strengthen the lower back and abdomen, which in turn will allow students to develop high arabesques, front and side extensions.

She has developed a unique approach based on the authentic form of the Russian Vaganova method.
In her years of teaching experience, her students have never suffered the injuries many dancers suffer today, such as lower back, hip, ankle or foot injuries. Many of her students have even enjoyed relief from their prior injuries in training with this method.

Guest Teaching

Sharon is currently available for guest teaching at studios, workshops and intensives across Ireland and N. Ireland.
She is also actively involved in individual coaching intensives for ballet competitions and for international school and workshop auditions.
She has had experience judging competitions and can offer unique insights into scoring practises, costume and rep. choices as well as what judges are really looking for across the board. 

Private Lessons are available to dance students aged 10 upwards, as well as to adult dancers at any level. Contact Sharon to book your private class on 0871924881.